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Hi 👋my name is Lukas Murdock.

I’m a young Designer, Developer, and Marketer living in the United States.

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I love getting to know people around the world.

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Marketers make change happen

Indispensable to our clients

We’re linchpins—special people, in special situations, doing special work. Work that has a huge ROI when done with skill and effort.

Adhocracy over bureaucracy

There’s no top and no bottom. Simply the ranks of people who care enough to make things better. Action over complacency brings out the best in people.


We show up and extend ourselves by choice to create space. The space to own the work, to personalize it, and to turn it into more than getting by.

Contribute to building

Every step of the way we ask, what are you building? Directly, or helping other people build, or teaching other people to build, or taking care of people who are building?

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